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Custom Builder Advantage

Custom Builder Advantage

Oct 4, 2018

Cameron Constructions specialise in creating custom home designs.

Your vision from concept to reality.
If you want to work with an experienced builder on the Gold Coast and create a design with architectural flair Cameron can help.

There is a difference between your "off-the-shelf" home and one that is truly crafted to your specifications.

Imagine the feeling of moving your family into your new home rather than months of DIY projects taking up your weekends.

Family move into new home

Architectural Design According to Location

The daily motion of the sun on the Gold Coast affects the design considerations for your new home.

Daily Motion Sun Southern Hemisphere

The earth rotates on an axis that is tilted, however, the sun doesn't stay exactly in the east or west. The value of an architecturally designed home is saving on electricity bills by designing with the trajectory of the sun in mind.

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